We at Junoon...

... seek to weave arts experiences into the fabric of society. Working closely with artists from theatre and allied arts fields, we strive to build a world imbued with the spirit of the arts, a world where curiosity, imagination, empathy, resolve, courage and possibility are celebrated, nurtured and valued.

In these global times, with all its possibilities and pressures, it becomes even more critical for us to engage with the arts and the values inherent in arts practice. In the world of the arts lie some of the most powerful positive aspects of our human nature - the constructive, creative possibilities of our imagination, a celebration of the multiplicity of perspective and expression, the constant hunger and search for truth and understanding, the collaborations across different skill sets and philosophies to arrive at a piece of collective expression, the joy in process, the passion that overcomes obstacles, the spirit of exploration and enquiry and curiosity, the rigour inherent in translating vision into expression.

In our urban scenarios in India, access to the arts is not a given. Those who have access usually have it by dint of family, community or friends engaged in the arts. For others, it is what one could call a 'luck-by-chance' scenario; they may or may not stumble onto the arts. So many urban young people grow up in India without having engaged with anything more than commercial cinema or religious expressions of their communities. They neither get the enrichment that arts can give them, nor do they develop a wider relationship with the arts that carries on into the rest of their lives. This is where we come in.

Junoon then, is about creating access to theatre and the arts. Bringing the arts into the spaces of our daily lives. Bridging the gap between arts, artists and audiences. We do this through a variety of arts experiences and engagements carefully designed and curated by us. Our engagements include free public programmes as well as programmes designed for specific audiences. We work with one eye on the present and another on the future, with a strong focus on sharing the arts with children and young people as well.