Company Directors

In the theatre, the Director is a very important and valuable person, who keeps the show together. We have 6 such valuable directors in Junoon:

Praveen Vadhera
Praveen Vadhera is Country Head, OOH, 001 Wall Street. He is also a founder member of Jana Natya Manch, one of India's most well-known and active theatre companies, primarily known for its street theatre work. Despite his busy schedule, Praveen has regularly found time to contribute to theatre, and continues this commitment with Junoon.

Raghu Gullapalli

Raghu Gullapalli is a Management Consultant and a Partner with Accenture. An Engineer (IT-BHU) and an MBA (IIM-Ahmedabad). Raghu has spent over 20 years advising small and large corporates on a range of operational challenges related to growth and profitability. He encountered the arts as an engineering student in Benaras and the connection remained and grew through the years. He continues to look for opportunities to discover and stay connected with the arts.

Sameera Iyengar
Sameera Iyengar combines a Maths background with a passion for theatre (B.Sc in Mathematics, MIT; PhD on Theatre, University of Chicago). She is particularly effective in taking ideas to their ultimate expression and pulling people together into a common cause, thus deepening the impact of programmes and inspiring people to try new ones.

Sanjna Kapoor
Sanjna Kapoor is well-known for building Prithvi Theatre into India's finest cultural hub, nurturing theatre and providing space to related arts efforts. Consistently an innovator and fore-runner in her field, she was the first to introduce workshops to Mumbai, presented the best of Indian & world theatre, and initiated the India Theatre Forum network for theatre practitioners.

Satyam Vishwanathan

Satyam Vishwanathan, market researcher and marketing strategist, has a deep interest in history, culture, the arts & their influence on human behaviour. He has an MBA from Cornell, and many years of consumer marketing experience with S. C. Johnson (U.S.) and Colgate-Palmolive (India).

Sunil Shanbag
Sunil Shanbag is a Mumbai-based theatre director and producer, and the artistic director of the reputed theatre company, Arpana. When it comes to pushing boundaries and creating a benchmark in theatre, his reputation precedes him. Sunil Shanbag's incredible portfolio of work includes acclaimed, well-loved plays like Sex, Morality and Censorship, Stories in A Song, Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon and many more. His passion for exploring spaces and reaching out to new audiences plays a huge role in his synergy with us and the work we do. Sunil is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker with several independent films to his credit. He brings his years of expertise and vast knowledge to Junoon's Board, helping us enrich our current work and future plans.