The Junoon People
Our Team

Junoon is the brainchild of Sanjna Kapoor and Sameera Iyengar who have been working together since 2002, and are possessed by the desire to reach theatre and the arts out to more and more people. Luckily, they quickly found other maniacs who saw value in this dream. Today, the Junoon team is a strong mix of people from within the theatre world, and professionals committed to the idea that arts and theatre have to be seeded and nurtured across India. Meet us below, and at our various activities and events. :-)

Sanjna Kapoor
Co-founder & Director. Sanjna spearheads the Arts at Play for Schools programme, loves the sheer energy and excitement of the arts and is brilliant at curating this for eager audiences. She instigated the creation of the India Theatre Forum (ITF) because she was feeling lonely, and is currently part of the core team as well as a core team member and facilitator for SMART - Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre. Many of you will remember her for building Prithvi Theatre into a warm, inviting cultural hub, some of you will remember her for her earnest Amul India Show questioning, and some of you apparently loved her in Hero Hiralal - a confession which never fails to embarrass her. She believes in multi-tasking, and will one day possibly achieve being in multiple places at once - so that she can always be with theatre and always be with her son at one and the same time.
Sameera Iyengar
Co-founder & Director. Sameera spearheads the Mumbai Local programme at Junoon, loves coming up with new concepts to unleash on (mostly unsuspecting!) artists and audiences, is fascinated by the online world and its possibilities for the arts, and in between harangues her team about systems, processes, details and general excellence in everything. She is also associated with the India Theatre Forum (ITF) from its inception in 2006, and is currently Course Coordinator for SMART - Strategic Management in the Art of Theatre. Previous but interconnected lives included Director Projects at Prithvi Theatre (2002-2011), freelancer with Seagull Theatre Quarterly (1997-2000), PhD on theatre from University of Chicago (2001) and Bsc in Mathematics with a Minor in Theatre from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When she is not in the office with a glass of cutting chai, Sameera takes endless pictures of her bulldogs, and chats with people who do crazy, wonderful things in the arts to see how they can add to our junoon.
Ayaz Ansari
Production Manager. Ayaz is our strong, silent presence, with the sudden flash of a smile, who makes sure all Junoon activity plays out on the ground, across India. With over a decade of experience in theatre production, Ayaz has handled shows of leading national and international companies, and was especially invited by the world-renowned Complicite for an internship at the National Theatre, UK. Ayaz harbours a mad dream of building a fabulous theatre complex for public use, and we have a feeling he is going to make sure Junoon helps him realise this dream. Not that we are complaining!
Dinesh Roundhal
Dinesh Roundhal is our pillar of support for running all our programmes on-ground. Absolutely dependable and ever-smiling, he makes sure everything is always in place as it should be for the programme to run smoothly. He is one of Junoon's earliest members, and has been part of almost every step of our story. As a dahi-handi gymnast who’s also a theatre-lover, it was only natural for Dinesh to veer off the beaten path and dive into something new. Currently, he assists in production and his hunger to learn is only on the rise. We are delighted to whet his appetite in the world of the theatre!
Edgar Fernandes
Edgar Fernandes, Programme Coordinator, is a bundle of fun. Even when he's seriously at work! With a BMS from Mumbai University and a stint in Customer Management, Edgar jumped into the world of arts with a beaming smile. At Junoon, he runs the Mumbai Local programme, from ground-up and top-down, making sure everything is just the way it should be, so that both our artists and audiences have the best experience possible. He loves playing the guitar, playing football and has a 'thing' for fast cars and airplanes. We presume that means he's creative, a team player and has a 'thing' for speed. A combination we're more than happy to have on board!
Riddhi Suchak
Riddhi Suchak, Project Coordinator, is simply wise beyond her years. With a degree in finance from Nottingham University, she followed her heart and came back to where she had felt most comfortable since she was a child - the world of theatre. And so she pulled her legs up, found a sweet spot and settled into Junoon. She runs our programmes with an almost-effortless grace, smiling calmly as she sails through the high theatrics. Ever willing to learn and grow, Riddhi brings a warm, reassuring and delightful energy into Junoon.
Smita Misra
Smita Misra, Storyteller, handles the communication and content for us. She takes Junoon's thoughts, ideas and concepts, and writes them into stories for the world to read. Give Smita a creative brief and she'll lose herself in it, until she emerges triumphant with something she's truly proud of. Sometimes, we even have to pull her out of that creative cave she disappears into! An ardent day-dreamer, an animal-adorer and a big foodie, she brings with her all kinds of crazy quirks into the office.
Vandana Solanki
Vandana Solanki, Finance Manager, is the one who makes sure Junoon's finances are in place. She completed her MComm from Mumbai University and is currently studying to becoming a CA. With over 8 years of experience in the field, she is more than capable of handling the 'drama' of finance in theatre. And so she does, with a cheerful grin all through. She loves travelling, good food and dogs. And she’s always up for a steaming cup of chai and a satisfying conversation.