Through The Looking Glass

India has a long unbroken history of the arts, with each region of the country throwing up a phenomenal diversity of arts expressions and practices. So much of who we are is in our arts and culture.

In a society like ours which is so diverse, and is currently experience immense flux and churning – due to migration, education and job opportunities, class mobility, technology, global exposure, etc – we believe that it is imperative to open a window into the arts, to know who we are and what we would like to be.  The arts, dealing as they do with local cultures and universal ideas, sophisticated and varied expression, contemplation and provocation, and the creativity of imagination and play, have much to teach us.

We think it would be wonderful if conversations and provocations arising out of an engagement with the arts would become a life of leading educational institutions like the IIMs. India’s future leaders will be groomed here, and for any effective leadership a complex and holistic engagement with the world and its peoples is imperative. The future of contemporary India lies in developing such people, and the arts have a critical role to play in this development.

To this end, we would like to offer your students and faculty Creating Culture: a quest for enlightened leadership – a powerful engagement with the arts as an anchor for thinking about each other, our collective worlds and our selves. These engagements will enable nuanced and complex conversations around issues that students will deal with in the world at large. In the process, they will be learning to appreciate multiple perspectives and approaches, practicing close listening, grasping the powerful role played by context, history and culture, and building a habit of thoughtful communication.