Leadership Collective
Leadership Collective & Junoon

Junoon is delighted to be associated with the Leadership Collective programme of 360+.

A group of individuals connected by their common time working in the Indian social sector came together as 360+ and began the Leadership Collective in 2015. One of the key drivers for this programme is a concern with 'global citizenship', whose key tenets 360+ defines as 'empathy, curiosity, adaptability' which is 'critical to compassionately navigating a globalised world.' We at Junoon love that they think of travel and engagement with culture as a critical component of building these tenets. This kind of experiential learning can be amazingly powerful if unleashed thoughtfully. We are excited to do just that, through bringing in arts processes to stimulate enquiry, reflection, exploration, perspective and expression.

The Leadership Collective has so far brought 25 U.S. High School students from historically marginalized communities for a fully funded study abroad opportunity in India.

This year, 2017, the Leadership Collective will include a group 30 Indian and US students ages 16-19. The focus will be on climate change and climate action in North India (Delhi, Agra & Ladakh).

The Leadership Collective is funded by a group of private US individuals and run by Voygr Expeditions and the 360+ network. Junoon is a co-facilitator in this year's learning expedition.

To facilitate learning through an engagement with arts and culture, we are delighted to have on board Orijit Sen (graphic artist), Smita Vats (heritage educationist), Vandana Shiva (environmental activist), Neel Chaudhuri (playwright, director), Anurupa Roy (puppeteer) and Bikram Ghosh (actor).

In addition to the site visits and homestays organized by 360+, participants will engage in workshops, heritage site visits, and conversations with the people above, to understand the various aspects and impacts that relate to climate change. Anurupa Roy and Bikram Ghosh will be the artist facilitators touring with the participants to regularly embed learning through arts workshops throughout the duration of the tour.

Programme Details

The Leadership Collective removes barriers of access to international cultural exchange on two levels:
1) Financial barriers and
2) social barriers.

360+ leverages their network, all of whom have lived and worked in India in the past, to build a robust support system of mentors to help students prepare for the Leadership Collective.

The Leadership Collective runs for 6 months a year and has three parts:

1) Pre-Departure preparation - a 4 month prep period that focuses on remotely engaging the cohort in conversation and collaboration as well as building a common foundation for our time in India

2) In Country - 3.5 weeks in India. Over the course of our time in India students will learn hands on skills, including documentation and storytelling, stay with host families, study various facets of development and sustainability, and complete site visits with local schools, NGOs, and community groups

3) Returning home - students spend 2 months upon their return to the US completing projects and presentations on their experience in India to their community.