Arts addas with Junoon

We at Junoon seek to weave arts experiences into the fabric of society. Working closely with artists from theatre and allied arts fields, we strive to build a world imbued with the spirit of the arts - a world which celebrates, nurtures and values imagination, inquiry, possibility, rigour and empathy.

With Mumbai Local, we offer monthly addas with artists and scientists at venues across Mumbai. At each adda, we get to enter the world of a wonderful creative mind, to share the delight and passion of their work, and to learn fascinating aspects of their art and science.

Mumbai Locals are free and open to all.

Where we are:

Right now, we are at 3 locations every month:

~ In Bandra at MCubed Library. 1st Sat | 5 pm
~ In Byculla, at the Bhau Daji Lad Museum. 2nd Sun | 5 pm
~ In Fort, at Kitab Khana. 3rd Fri | 5.30 pm

As of May 2018, we are inspired and delighted to bring a wide range of artists and scientists, by expanding our curating team. We are honoured to have on board with us:

Arnab Bhattacharya - Professor, Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science at TIFR; Chair, Science Popularization &
Public Outreach

Bishakha DuttaNon-fiction writer, documentary film-maker, Co-founder and Executive Director of Point of View

Paromita VohraFilmmaker and writer, Founder and Director of Parodevi Pictures, Founder and Creative Director of Agents of Ishq

Ramu RamanathanPlaywright-Director, Editor and Columnist

Ranjit HoskotePoet, Art-critic, Cultural Theorist and independent Curator

Sameera Iyengar - Co-founder, Junoon

Sanjna Kapoor - Co-founder, Junoon

We look forward to the fantastic conversations this team will offer the people of Mumbai, and beyond, as all our Mumbai Local sessions are now streamed live on our Facebook page. And of course, they are available for viewing at any time on our You Tube channel as well.

Seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can save your seat for our session by sending in your RSVP in response to our mailers. Or, you can walk in and we will definitely try to seat you, space willing. To receive our mailers, please subscribe to our mailing list.

We are also online - enjoy recorded Mumbai Local talks and share freely :-)

what people say

"I think it (Mumbai Local) is a wonderful idea. I think you are doing a great job as far as I'm concerned and I think it needs to proliferate. You have to go every-where in Bombay. Because this is a great idea and I hope its working for you."
-Shyam Benegal, Filmmaker and Mumbai Local speaker

"Mumbai Local is an idea. It is a strong sense of belonging. It is sitting in a room full of people who are all seeking the same things as you; beauty, meaning and most of all, a madness that makes you think differently; more soulfully."
- Aarushi Ganju, Volunteer

"Allow me to rave about `Mumbai Local' intimate fun dialogues about the arts, in your locality."
-anuradhasays via Twitter

"Yesterday was fantastic, wasn't it? It made me think of that 'clear stream of reason' that Tagore talks about. He (Sunil Shanbag) spoke without a chit of paper, he spoke sitting down, he spoke sans mike, and he hath us enthralled!"

-Vibha Kamat, Venue Partner

"It is indeed heaven to enter a room with no expectation and find there a room packed with people eager to listen to you."
- Devdutt Pattanaik, Mumbai Local speaker via Twitter

mumbai locals till now

Abhishek Nair sound music soul | Aditi Mittal comedian, writer, actress | Ajay Noronha cinematographer, documentary filmmaker | Amit Madheshiya photographer and filmmaker | Amole Gupte Actor, Director, Producer, Activist | Amrit Gangar writer, curator, historian | Anamika Haksar director | Aneesh Pradhan musician, tabla player, author | Aniket Sule argumentative science educator | Anil Srinivasan pianist, educator, innovator | Annie Zaidi writer of many genres | Aparna Sen actor & director | Anju Dodiya contemporary painter | Anjum Rajabali screenwriter, teacher, activist | Anurag Kashyap Director | Arundhati Ghosh arts support explorer | Arundhathi Subramaniam poet, translator, writer | Arzan Khambatta sculptor, seeker of the unexisting | Askari Naqvi artist, soz performer, lawyer | Astad Deboo dancer, educator, mentor, choreographer | Atul Dodiya artist | Atul Kulkarni actor | Atul Pethe actor, writer and director | Ben Rivers theatre activist and practitioner | Bharati Kapadia visual artist, performer, out-of-the box innovator | Bhawana Somaaya critic, coloumnist and author | Bishakha Datta journalist, filmakre, activist | Burjor Patel producer, actor, dreamer | D. Wood musician, guitarist, educator | Darshana Jhaveri Manipuri dancer, research scholar, pioneer | Debi Basu Odissi exponent, teacher, choreographer | Devashish Makhija director & poet | Devdutt Pattanaik mythologist, storyteller, author | Dhanashree Pandit-Rai acclaimed Thumri singer | Dilip Prabhavalkar actor, writer | Dr Jaikumar Radhakrishnan computer scientist and discrete mathematics enthusiast | Dr Sreelaja Nair biologist, Bharatanatyam dancer | Dr Vijayaraghavan scientist, amateur guitarist | Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya scientist, educator | Dr. Jyotishman Dasgupta Teacher | Faisal Abu Alhayjaa Director, Actor | G Ravindra Kumar laser player, scientist, educator | Gauri Sharma Tripathi Kathak Dancer, Student of Dance | Geetanjali Kulkarni actor, facilitator, dreamer | Gieve Patel poet, painter, playwright | Gitanjali Rao animator, painter, imaginator | Gopal MS photographer in digital disguise | Gunduraju master pupeeteer | Hema Upadhyay visual artist | Hemant Chaturvedi cinematographer and tripper | Ileana Citaristi dancer, choreographer, guru | Indrajit Khambe photographer & poet | Indu Harikumar illustrator, recycler, story teller | Ira Mukhoty accidental historian | Jaimini Pathak Actor, Director, Founder of Working Title| Jerry Pinto perpetrator of words | K Ramachandran arts archivist, founder - Keli | Kalki Koechlin Actor, Writer, Explorer | Kanak Rele dance teacher, educationist | Kiran Nagarkar Novelist, Critic, Playwright | Konkona SenSharma actor, & director | Madhusree Dutta accidental filmmaker | Mahan Mj geometer & topologist | Mahesh Dattani playwright | Mahesh Elkunchwar playwright, actor, screenwriter | Makarand Sathe playwright, novelist, theatre historian, architect | Makrand Deshpande actor, director, theatrewallah | Manav Kaul stage and film actor, director | Mandakini Trivedi dancer, teacher | Manoj Bajpayee actor | Manoj Joshi actor, director, producer | Meenakshi Shedde film curator, critic, journalist | Mithilesh Mishra biophycist & professor | Meenal Agarwal photographer | Mohan Agashe Psychiatrist, actor, director | MS Sathyu director, designer and filmmaker | Murali Ranganathan researcher, historian, writer | Mustansir Dalvi poet, translator, author | Naba Mondal scientist | Nagesh Bhonsle actor, producer, director | Nancy Adajania Cultural Theorist, Curator | Nandita Das actor, director, activist | Naresh Fernandes journalist, writer | Naseeruddin Shah actor | Naveen Kishore publisher, lighting designer, photographer | Navjot Altaf visual artist | Neena Kulkarni actor, column writer, director, producer | Nemai Ghosh photographer, theatre lover | Paromita Vohra filmmaker, writer, antakshari champion | Prabhakar Kolte Painter, Teacher | Prabodh Parikh Gujarati poet, short fiction writer and visual artist | Pradeep Mulye lighting designer | Prahlad Singh Tipaniya Kabir Follower, Folk Singer mentor | Prakash Jha award winning film maker, producer and director | Prasad Kambli theatre producer, hopelessly positive, innovative | Prof. Amol Dighe physicist, science educator | Prof. Ankona Datta scientist, molecular architect | K Sridhar Explorer of Spissitudes, Autopsychographer, Crossword Buff | Prof. Mayank Vahia Scientist, Professor | Prof. Paritosh Pandya Computer Scientist, Professor, Dean | Prof. Roop Mallik associate professor, scientist, motorman | Prof. Shiraz Minwalla theoretical physicist, professor, string theorist | Prof. Sudipta Maiti Scientist, Teacher, Commoner | Prof. Vidita Vaidya Scientist, communicator, dancer | Rahul Bose actor, director, Indian rugby player, activist | Rahul Ram musician & environmentalist | Rajat Kapoor reluctant actor, theatre and film director | Rajit Kapur actor, director and producer | Rajeev Naik acclaimed scholar, short story writer, poet and theorist | Ram Rahman photographer, artist, activist | Ramdas Bhatkal publisher, wears many caps | Ramdas and Aparna Padhye ventriloqust, puppet maker and puppeteer | Ramu Ramanathan Playwright, Director | Randhir Khare Poet, Folklorist, Performer | Ranjit Hoskote storyteller, author, poet | Ratna Pathak Shah theatre and film actor | Ravi Subramaniam teacher, educator, scientist | Reena Kallat visual artist | Riyas Komu curator, co-founder of Kochi Muziris Biennale | Sagar Shrivastava mathematician & origami enthusiast | Salil Tripathi free speech fundamentalist |Sambhaji Bhagat poet, singer, activist | Sampurna Chattarji writer, poet, wordsmith | Sandeep Juneja Applied Probabilist, Finance Mathematecian | Sandesh Bhandare photographer and director | Sandhya Koushika neurobiologist, explorer | Sandhya Sanjana Singer, Maker of Musical Bridges | Sanjna Kapoor theatrewallah, scuba diver | Sanjoy Ganguly founder of Jana Sanskriti, activist | Sankalp Meshram the compassionate cutter | Sarita Joshi actress | Satish Alekar playwright, director, actor | Savitri Medhatul Theatre Actor, Director, Filmmaker |Sawan Dutta musician, singer-songwriter, vlogger | Shafaat Khan writer, director and professor (Theatre Arts) | Shakuntala Kulkarni visual artist | Shanta Gokhale Novelist, Theatre Historian, Translator | Shernaz Patel theatre, cinema, television actor | Shirley Abraham filmmaker | Shubha Chaudhuri archivist, advocate & field worker | Shubha Mudgal musician, composer, performer | Shubha Tole neuroscientist, professor, principal | Shubhada Varadkar Odissi exponent, writer & choreographer | Shyam Benegal filmmaker | Sitanshu Yashaschandra Mehta poet and playwright | Simantini Dhuru documentary filmmaker, activist, researcher | Sonali Kulkarni film and stage actress | Sooni Taraporevala photographer, screenwriter, filmmaker | Sudhanva Deshpande actor, publisher, cyclist | Sudharak Olwe social documentary photographer | Sudhir Patwardhan contemporary painter | Sujoy Ghosh filmmaker | Suman Mukhopadhyay theatre and film director | Sunil Gawde Artist | Sunil Kothari dance historian, scholar and critic | Sunil Shanbag theatre director | Sushama Deshpande Actor, Communicator, Practicing Theatre Journalist | Swanand Kirkire lyricist, singer | Terence Lewis dancer, choreographer | Utkarsh Mazumdar actor, theatre veteran | Varun Grover comedian, lyricist, screenwriter | Vehnon Ibrahim music professional | Vijay Kenkre Marathi Theatre Actor, Director | Vickram Kapadia actor, director | Vinay Pathak theatre and film actor | Vivek Monteiro trade unionist, math educator | Zafar Karachiwala actor, intergalactic traveller, father | Zubin Driver playwright & theatre director

At Kitab Khana
At Bhau Daji Lad Museum
At MCubed Library