Get Involved

"Do what you love what you do!"

Does working in the arts give you shiny eyes? Do you have a knack for social media outreach?

Do you have the vision and skill to implement innovative social media strategies? Discovering the sheer joy in pushing your own boundaries creatively and artistically to coordinate an out of the box social media strategy? Do you love flying with your dream and yet have your feet firmly on the ground?

Can you go through all the grunge, the rigour, and the hard work that the arts demand, and still have those wonderful shiny eyes?

If your answer to all this is a resounding "yes", this internship might be for you.

We're looking for young, bright, creative minds who are eager to challenge themselves, take on responsibilities, and make the most of opportunities to gain experience through learning. Having fun while doing this is a must! What do you get in return? The opportunity to implement and co-ordinate social media content for Junoon with an exposure to the world of arts, in all its richness and rigour, lots of chai and great company.

Your internship with us will include:

  • Developing digital thinking and coordinating content for Junoon in multiple online spaces.
  • Assisting in creative conceptualization and implementation of Junoon's social media strategy.
  • Using social media to create awareness in the online community, that captures the essence and world of each Junoon programme.
  • Conceiving and implementing innovative, engaging methods of visual documentation and archiving for Junoon's social media outreach.
  • Working on-ground for multiple programmes and events to gain field knowledge.


What we want from you:

  • RESPONSIBILITY: We are going to trust you with our dream, our vision and our work. We expect you to respect that and be responsible for any work that is allotted to you.
  • Skill: An artistic eye for framing and capturing moments in images as well as video with an understanding of major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. 
  • 6 dedicated weeks: Your internship period will be for a minimum period of 6 weeks, where you must come to the Junoon office from Monday to Friday, with minimum 30 working hours a week (Daily working hours can be negotiated after selection).  Attending every Mumbai Local session for these 6 weeks is necessary. Remember, it's fun, but it's not camp! 
  • Work equipment: You must have your own laptop and bring it in to work during your internship with us.
  • SHINY EYES: Because no internship would be complete if we haven't sparked wonder and delight in you!



Write in to  with:

Your resume
2.Responses to the questions below:

  1. Tell us about an exhilarating experience you had with art (it could be any form of art). Share with us how this experience was brought to your notice through social media.
  2. Pick any non-arts field company or organization and tell us why you think they are creative in terms of their social outreach. Help us see it the way you do! 
  3. Links to social media accounts that you have worked on; this can be your own accounts as well.

Remember, you MUST send in a complete application for the internship. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Currently, we will only be taking in 2 interns.

Apply soon!

Arts, learnings, chai, addas, tough work, tougher challenges and absolute joy are in store for you!