Askari Naqvi

Askari Naqvi is a trained Vocalist, Artist & Performer. He got his training of music under Pandit Amit Mukerjee from Indore Gharana. He has...

Story of Karbala : A Hindustani...

Story of Karbala : A Hindustani Narrative

What happens to a story when it travels across thousands of miles to eventually become embedded in the cultural fabric of a different country? How is the narrative then told? What happens to its form as it is continuously informed by art traditions that are not native to its place of origin? What becomes its religious and aesthetic significance? Can it still transcend everything to communicate universally?

We are delighted to invite Askari Naqvi - artist, performer and lawyer - to Mumbai Local. Askari has been a performer of Soz Khwani from a very young age, as part of his family tradition. Soz Khwani, a performance art that narrates the story of Karbala - a story of death, riots, pain, separation, love and loss - is typically associated with the month of Muharram. Askari is the first person in the country to perform these narratives for interested audiences outside religious settings and community performances.

At this Mumbai Local, Askari will take us on the journey of this art form in India, as well as his own personal journey from community to stage. His talk will offer us a window into this beautiful performance of grief, showing us how a foreign story is told in the Indian narrative, in Indian languages and in Indian ragas. The story of Soz in India will give us a fascinating glimpse into how art forms collide, and how artists borrow freely and lovingly from multiple traditions to create new, fresh, moving expression.

Askari's talk will be punctuated with performances from the forms related to soz - marsia, nauha - as well as excerpts from his own soz performances. As this particular story of grief touches each and every one of us with its universal themes of loss, lamentation, injustice and struggle, we will experience the power of art to profoundly move us, and to express the universality of experience while rooted in specificity.

Do join us for an evening of rich storytelling and beautiful performance.

@ MCubed Library, Bandra (W) - 1st Sat, 5 pm
@ Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla (E) - 2nd Sun, 5 pm
@ Kitab Khana, Fort - 3rd Fri, 5:30 pm

Askari Naqvi is a trained Vocalist, Artist & Performer. He got his training of music under Pandit Amit Mukerjee from Indore Gharana. He has been performing Soz-Khwani (Songs of Lament)) from a very young age as it was part of his family traditions. He is the first person in the country to introduce Soz Khwani to the mainstream audience apart from community performances. He also performs Dastangoi which is an oral tradition of story telling. Askari Naqvi has done various shows of Soz Khwani and Dastangoi across India.

Venues Dates Time
MCubed Library Sat 3 Jun 05:00 am to 06:30 pm Available
12-100 yrs
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