Vidya Kamat

Vidya Kamat is an artist, academic and archivist. Her art practice looks at the mythological narratives and traditional belief systems that...

Who Belongs and How? Art-Making and the City

The thing about Bombay / Mumbai - and perhaps this can be said of all cities of such size and density – is that it always slips out of your grasp. It is never one, always many, refusing easy encapsulation into words and images. And so artists of all hues will keep writing, painting, sculpting and focusing on this city – what are these acts but ways to hold this crazily fast-moving city still for a moment, to give us time to ponder and feel our relationship with it.

Vidya Kamat, born in Bombay, defining herself as a Bombay person while living in Goa, returning to Bombay/Mumbai during the Mi Mumbaikar times, found herself asking what her relationship with the city was. Was she from here, was she a citizen, was she a migrant? Looking around, she wondered about the people she met in Mumbai Locals, saw from the train windows, came across in the numerous ephemeral encounters that make up life in this city. How did they find space in this fast moving city? How did they create their spaces, make this their city? How did they construct their identities within this city?

We are delighted to invite Vidya Kamat - artist, academic, archivist - to Mumbai Local, to share with us her modes of enquiry into lives in this city, and the art making that emerges out of it. Her own relationship with mythology, from being worshipped as a Kumari goddess to a degree in Comparative Mythology - "myth is like a double-edged sword," she quips - gives her a unique vantage point into traditional-modern conflicts that invariably enter identity-making and creating belonging. Out of all this emerges art-making across several media, that keeps probing the question - how do people create their space in this never still, constantly changing city?

Do join us on Saturday for a journey into art-making that begins from the lives and histories of individual people met in ephemeral encounters.

Session curated by Ranjit Hoskote
RSVP for this session opens on Monday, 27th January, 2020.

Vidya Kamat is an artist, academic and archivist. Her art practice looks at the mythological narratives and traditional belief systems that engage and alter perceptions within contemporary Indian social reality. Kamat's works have been showcased in Dhaka( 2012), Istanbul(2007), Santa Fe( 2008), New Delhi(2010,2011) art fairs . She has also shown her works in curated shows in New York ( 2011), Singapore (2011), Thailand(2009), London( 2009), Paris( 2009) & recently Serendipty Festival Goa (2018). Besides, she has had solo shows in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India.

She was awarded a national cultural fellowship in 2003-2204 through Majlis , funded by HIVOS Netherland for her project "Documentation and study of Roadside shrines in Mumbai". She has also published academic papers in prestigious journals.

Vidya Kamat is also a founder and curator of Talking Myths Project  an online archive of traditional tales fro Indian Subcontinent; and founder of a non-profit organisation Centre for Study of Mythology and Culture based in Goa India.

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