Debi Basu

Guru Smt. Debi Basu has, for the past several years, dedicated herself to the perpetuation and enrichment of Odissi dance. She imbibed this art...

Guru Shishya Parampara: Past, Present And Future

What makes an artist fall in love with her art form? Why is this love such a deep and personal one? How does the guru evoke this emotion in the shishya? And how is it then passed down through generations?

We are absolutely delighted to invite Debi Basu - Odissi exponent, teacher and choreographer - to Mumbai Local.

According to Debi Basu, learning can only take place when there is love between the teacher and disciple - a fulfilling relationship that enables the teacher to give and the disciple to learn. This parampara is a sharing of the beauty, the richness and the learning that is integral to an art form. And when artists fall in love with the medium, they begin to look for the 'rasa' of life through it.

It is this journey of learning and love that Debi Basu will share with us at Mumbai Local. Her own stories and anecdotes will elucidate how much she learnt from her guru, Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra, just by looking, watching and imbibing. Spending time with the stalwart meant a continuous learning that went beyond the classroom. Debi Basu will explain to us how today, as a guru herself, she is still evolving, as she finds new ways to build relationships and share the love with a new generation of students - a generation that is so hard-pressed for time.

Do join us for this enthralling session and be prepared to fall headlong in love.

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@ MCubed Library, Bandra (W) - 1st Sat, 5:00 pm
@ Dr Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum, Byculla (E) - 2nd Sun, 5 pm
@ Kitab Khana, Fort - 3rd Fri, 5:30 pm
@ Somaiya Vidyavihar, Vidyavihar (E) - 4th Fri, 4:00 pm

Guru Smt. Debi Basu has, for the past several years, dedicated herself to the perpetuation and enrichment of Odissi dance. She imbibed this art form under the guidance of the great Odissi master, Padmavibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.

A critically-acclaimed performer for more than 3 decades, she has performed in some of the world's most prestigious platforms in India and abroad. Smt. Debi Basu has conducted many workshops and lecture demonstrations around the world.

An exemplary Guru, her dedication to Odissi is truly awe-inspiring for her pupils, who have emerged as acclaimed dancers. Her deep interest in literature and philosophy permeate through her dance and has provided her with a rare insight into the art of choreography. Her commitment to the continuation and augmentation of her chosen art form has seen her as one of the foremost Gurus in her generation, initiating beginners as well as senior students into the finer nuances of Odissi.

Smt. Debi Basu has been awarded the Singar Mani from the Sur Singar Samsad, Mumbai. In the year 2011 she was conferred a special citation by The Fine Arts Society, Mumbai for her exemplary service and dedication to Odissi. She has several television performances to her credit and has been involved in classical dance choreography for critically-acclaimed films.

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