Zubin Driver

Zubin Driver is a Mumbai based Playwright & theatre director. His work has been performed in mainstream & alternative spaces all over...

The Playwright as a Terminally Ill Mumbaikar

The Playwright as a Terminally Ill Mumbaikar

Mumbai - the city of dreams, the city of ephemerality, the city of edgy, unavoidable realities. What is it about the mercurial life of this place that mesmerises and inspires a playwright? What does its fragile, fragmented existence look like, through his eyes? And what happens when Mumbai manifests itself as a living metaphor in theatre?

We are delighted to invited Zubin Driver - playwright, author and terminally ill Mumbaikar - to Mumbai Local. Zubin's self-professed obsession with Mumbai has a wonderfully unique influence on his work. "I am fascinated by the constant disintegration and healing that this city goes through at the macro and micro level... The never-ending traffic jams and the hidden roads are serve as topography and metaphor in my work. The city is the force field from where my characters emerge. They knock on your car windows with their stories, they challenge you on the streets, in their bedrooms, morphing from under colourful Saris and well ironed suits to become unrecognisable nightmares and relatable aspirations at the same time".

Drawing upon this peculiar nature of Mumbai and his endless fascination and love for it, Zubin will share with us how Mumbai becomes a 'living metaphor' in his plays and writing. We can look forward to an absorbing evening of conversation with Zubin, highlighted with pieces performed from his plays, to uncover compelling perspectives on this city many of us call 'home'. We can look forward an evening of watching performed pieces by actors in his plays and uncovering fascinating perspectives on this city that a lot of us call 'home'.

Join us to as we explore, interrogate and experience Mumbai as a metaphor in the theatre work of with Zubin Driver, a terminally ill Mumbaikar.

See you on 6 May 2017 at MCubed Library, Bandra (W)!

@ MCubed Library, Bandra (W) - 1st Sat, 5 pm
@ Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla (E) - 2nd Sun, 5 pm
@ Kitab Khana, Fort - 3rd Fri, 5:30 pm

Zubin Driver is a Mumbai based Playwright & theatre director. His work has been performed in mainstream & alternative spaces all over the city. In the early ninety nineties he experimented with new performance venues like Chemould Art Gallery, Jehangir Art Gallery and created theatrical experiences in people's living rooms. He has also performed regularly at NCPA, Prithvi Theatre, St Andrew's and other large venues over the years and is now very interested in developing new experimental venues and creating interesting workshop experiences.

His work is cerebral, provocative and always engaging. Some of the most accomplished actors on Indian stage have worked with him and continue to do so in ongoing productions. Apart from his own work, he has also directed Harold Pinter, David Mamet & Euripides. In 2016, he published a book of nine Monologues and a short play entitled 'Falling Indians'.

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