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Puja Sarup is an extraordinary actor with a wonderful comic sense. Puja was bitten by the theatre bug when she was in her final...

Arts Week with Delhi Public School, Coimbatore

At Junoon, we believe that young people must regularly have access to artists and their arts practices, to seep in the spirit of the arts. Such exposure can be transformative and life-changing.

We have curated a week-long, immersive experience, the Arts at Play Week that combines exposure, learning and practice to open out the horizons of the mind for young people, while simultaneously building value for rigour, reflection, effort and determination. The students experience the power of teamwork and collaboration, and the joys of free creative expression. They learn how to transform working with what you have into magic and delight and that it is in their power to create an interesting life for themselves.

It is to this end that we are delighted to offer this magical experience to the primary and middle school students of Delhi Public School, Coimbatore.

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Programme Schedule

1st July, 2017

Teachers Orientation with Programme Conductor, Puja Sarup, Theatre actor-creator

3rd July, 2017
Trip to Theatre with Ranga Theatre's Quixotic Wonderland

4th July, 2017
Stagecraft Encounter with Ranga Theatre

5th July, 2017
Arts Encounter with Kathak performers from Ranan

6th July, 2017
Meet the Artist with writer and poet, Sampurna Chattarji

7th July, 2017
Creative Showcase with students

@ Delhi Public School, Coimbatore - 1st to 7th July, 2017
@ Centre Point School, Nagpur - 14th to 19th August, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Ludhiana - 7th to 13th October, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Rajnagar - 23rd to 28th October, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Pune - 4th to 10th November, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Patna - 2nd to 8th December, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Agra - 4th to 9th December, 2017
@ Springdales School, New Delhi - 17th to 23rd March, 2018

Puja Sarup is an extraordinary actor with a wonderful comic sense. Puja was bitten by the theatre bug when she was in her final year at college. She was selected for a role in the play Noises Off. She liked acting so much, that she decided she wanted to do theatre full-time, all her life. But, Puja had no training and a degree in Sociology wasn't going to help. She joined the Academy of Theatre Arts at Mumbai University for two years and then Helikos - International School of Theatre Creation in Florence, Italy, for three years. Recently, Puja went to France to work with Footsbarn and Buchingers Boots - two very famous travelling theatre companies that perform in gigantic tents! In India she has worked in many plays including Hamlet the Clown Prince, Sex Morality and Censorship, Grey Elephants in Denmark and Noises Off. In 2014, she started her own theatre company named The Patchwork Ensemble and has staged two productions, Ila and Tape. Puja is a recipient of the Vinod Doshi Fellowship and a META award for her role in Hamlet the Clown Prince.

Ranga Theatre is an experimental theatre group based in Mumbai. Established in 2007, it breathes life into classics by creating mind-blowing effects on stage with various unusual elements like martial art forms (Thang Ta and Chhau), fusion music, visual effects, 3-D and projection, languages, different forms of illusion and more.

Ranga Theatre for adults: Ranga Theatre has successfully contemporized several famous classics for adults into magnificent stage productions. These experimental productions have toured India and the world, and have also taken part in prestigious theatre festivals: Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, Shakespeare's Mid-Summer Night's Dream (our title: Pyaar Pe Waar), Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon (our title: Rashomon Blues), Dharamveer Bharti's AndhaYug, Shivaji Sawant's Mrityunjay (our title: Karna-The Generous Warrior)

Ranga Theatre for children: Ranga Theatre has also contributed to children's theatre in India. It is the first theatre company to produce a stage adaptation of Yann Martel's Booker Prize winner Life Of Pi (our title: Pi - In Search of God's Name). It has also amalgamated two children's classics - Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote into a play called Quixotic Wonderland, which has been featured in the national children's festivals. In 2014 it produced Sindbad the Sailor (based on Arabian Nights' Tales) with stunning visuals and live music.

Ranan is a group of actors, Kathak dancers, designers, facilitators and production people who are committed to sharing the magic of the arts with diverse audiences. Ranan creates performances using traditional Kathak and choreography. They also create dance theatre productions, conduct workshops, have interactive sessions and collaborate with film and live dance. Most importantly, all of Ranan's members share their deep love for dance and performance with people across the world. Read more about Ranan at

Sampurna Chattarji is a poet, novelist and translator with twelve books to her credit. She was born in November, 1970 in Dessie, Ethopia. Sampurna grew up in Darjeeling, where she studied up to class 5 at St. Pauls School and in Loreto Convent after that. In class 8, she shifted to Kanpur and now she now lives in Mumbai. Sampurna writes for children, young adults and adults.

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10-15 yrs
6 days
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