Darshana Jhaveri

Darshana Jhaveri has been a Manipuri dancer for 50 years, specializing in both the Tandav and the Lasya elements of the traditional dance form....

Seeking Dance: A 100 year story

Seeking Dance: A 100 year story

What makes four young Gujarati women undertake a 5-day train journey from Bombay to Manipur, in 1956, with no one to accompany them but their guru? What fervour draws them on this journey repeatedly, throughout their lives?

In the heady years around India's independence, one of the ways of bringing the nation closer together was seeking to know and share the culture of the different parts of the country. The history of the endeavours around the dances we now know as classical dance is remarkable in this context. Young women, from backgrounds that usually did not allow women to perform publicly, forayed into areas across the country, simply to seek, learn, document and share dance across the country. The Jhaveri sisters played a key role in this fascinating history, taking Manipuri dance beyond its ritual context onto stages across India.

We are so thrilled to invite Darshana Jhaveri - Manipuri dancer and guru - to Mumbai Local once again. Her life for more than 50 years has been driven by her passion to "preserve, perpetuate and popularise" Manipuri dance across the country. In the process, she has documented the history of the dance, established the scientific tenets underlying the oral tradition, and given all of us the opportunity to access the wonderful, gentle, lyrical form that is Manipuri dance.

In this Mumbai Local, Darshana-ji will open our eyes to the fascinating 100-year history of Manipuri dance. Look forward to being amazed by the story, by photographs and videos from her personal archives, but most of all by the childlike delight she still exudes as she performs, talks and gives you the gift of this dance she loves.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 9 July at 5pm at Bhau Daji Lad Museum

@ MCubed Library, Bandra (W) - 1st Sat, 5 pm
@ Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla (E) - 2nd Sun, 5 pm
@ Kitab Khana, Fort - 3rd Fri, 5:30 pm

Darshana Jhaveri has been a Manipuri dancer for 50 years, specializing in both the Tandav and the Lasya elements of the traditional dance form. Her performances in India and abroad began back in 1958. And she was presented with the President's Padmashri Award in 2000.

Darshana collaborated with Guru Bipin Singh for research work in 1960. Since then, both of them have studied the Manipuri dance tradition, recorded oral traditions of Manipur, formulated teaching courses, written articles for various publications and given innumerable interviews and demonstrations at various seminars and conferences.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in ancient Indian culture, Darshana Jhaveri has been teaching for 35 years and has been a Research Scholar for 40. She is one of the founders and now the director of Manipuri Nartanalaya at Mumbai, Kolkata and Manipur. She is actively associated with teaching, creative production, performances, research, publications, public relations, fund raising and organization at Manipuri Nrityakendra, Mumbai, of which she is also the Executive President.

In addition, Darshana has written and been the co-author for various books on Manipuri dance.

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