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Ratnabali Bhattacharjee is an actor, director and writer who has been acting in theatre since 1998 and has also toured both...

Arts Week with Delhi Public School, Patna

At Junoon, we believe that young people must regularly have access to artists and their arts practices, to seep in the spirit of the arts. Such exposure can be transformative and life-changing.

We have curated a week-long, immersive experience, the Arts at Play Week that combines exposure, learning and practice to open out the horizons of the mind for young people, while simultaneously building value for rigour, reflection, effort and determination. The students experience the power of teamwork and collaboration, and the joys of free creative expression. They learn how to transform working with what you have into magic and delight and that it is in their power to create an interesting life for themselves.

It is to this end that we are delighted to offer this magical experience to the primary and middle school students of Delhi Public School, Patna.

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Programme Schedule

2nd December, 2017
Teachers Orientation with Programme Conductor, Ratnabali Bhattachharjee, actor, director & writer

4th December, 2017
Trip to the Theatre with Rangashila's 'Sur v/s Asur'

5th December, 2017
Stagecraft Encounter with Rangashila

6th December, 2017
Arts Encounter with Anil Srinivasan, classical pianist

7th December, 2017
Meet the Artist with Anshumani Ruddra, author & game designer

8th December, 2017
Creative Showcase with students

@ Delhi Public School, Coimbatore - 1st to 7th July, 2017
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@ Delhi Public School, Ludhiana - 7th to 13th October, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Rajnagar - 23rd to 28th October, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Pune - 4th to 10th November, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Patna - 2nd to 8th December, 2017
@ Delhi Public School, Agra - 4th to 9th December, 2017
@ Springdales School, New Delhi - 17th to 23rd March, 2018

Ratnabali Bhattacharjee is an actor, director and writer who has been acting in theatre since 1998 and has also toured both internationally and in India with Commedia dell'arte (that's in Italian style of theatre) director, Marco Luly. She has conducted workshops for children, and also directed children in her adaptation of plays like Alibaba and Premchand's Idgah. Ratnabali has also acted in many plays including the more-known ones like Bansuri, ThePresident is Coming, Me Grandad 'Ad An Elephant, All About Women and most recently, Tape aka The Gentlemen's Club. She has a theatre company called Habijabi Productions. Apart from theatre, Ratnabali also works in radio, films and advertisements.

Rangshila was formed in 2008, a group of young enthusiastic theatre lovers got together in Mumbai to form the Rangshila Theatre Group. Led by Avneesh Mishra, they have many productions to their name. Rangshila's vision is simple: they want to take theatre to every corner in India. So far, their theatre journey has taken them to Mysore, Delhi, Guwahati, Udaipur, Bareilly, Goa, Udupi and Bengaluru. They have also performed in many major theatre festivals across India, including the Bharat Rang Mahotsav organised by the National School of Drama. Since they love travelling so much, they really should get a caravan!

Anil Srinivasan is an accomplished classical pianist, the first to be awarded the coveted Sangeet Natak Akademi youth award in 2010 for creative and experimental music, India's national honour for musicians under 35. His various collaborative works - with several of India's top artistes have come in for critical acclaim. He is best known for his collaboration with Sikkil Gurucharan, with whom he has produced ten highly popular albums. Importantly, he is the founder of the hugely successful "Rhapsody" music education initiative, to take the classical arts through structured, systematic syllabi delivered through schools using a combination of physical classroom learning and online support, that reaches out to nearly 75000 children across Southern India.

Anshumani Ruddra is an author and game designer based in Bangalore (where he is deeply embedded into the startup ecosystem). He predominantly writes in the speculative fiction genre. He is the author of India’s first multiplayer gamebook for young adults, The Enemy of My Enemy, and its sequel Banana Republic. He is also the author of Dorje's Stripes and Crickematics. His short stories have appeared in the following collections by Scholastic: Seven Science Fiction Stories, The Moustache Maharishi and Other Unlikely Stories Superhero Spooky Stories.

Venues Dates Time
12-12 yrs
6 days
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