Conductors at Centre Point School Nagpur

Bikram Ghosh is an actor and director, and a founding member of the Tadpole Repertory, one of Delhi's most famous theatre...

Teachers Workshop with Centre Point School, Nagpur

Junoon’s Teachers’ Workshops are arts-based for teachers from all disciplines. They are led by experienced artists keenly interested in the learning process and education. These workshops give teachers a new lens of looking at their profession, understand the various roles they play and draw on the power of performance to communicate with their students.


We are delighted to be bringing 3 of Junoon's Teachers' Workshops to the teachers of Centre Point School, Nagpur. The 3 workshops will be conducted by Amba S K Jhala, Bikram Ghosh and Vandana Hazra, respectively. 

Bikram Ghosh is an actor and director, and a founding member of the Tadpole Repertory, one of Delhi's most famous theatre groups. He is also a coordinator for Tadpole's Looking Glass Project, which runs theatre workshops for people of all ages-children as well as adults-focused on encouraging theatre and creativity as a vehicle for recreation and healthy living.

Vandana Hazra contributes to the field of Dance by Performing, Directing, Teaching and Writing. Presently she is working as guest faculty at the Dance Dept. of Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. Besides dance, she has been practicing vocal music since a very young age. Presently practicing Dhrupad under the guidance of Shri Uday Bhawalkar. Doing translations is a passion. One such translation is from Marathi to Bangla,of the famous Marathi Novel 'Kosla' by Bhalchandra Nemade, which she did for the Sahitya Academy. She has also translated Shyam Benegal's 'Bharat ek Khoj' into Bangla for Kolkata Doordarshan. She collaborates with dancers of different styles and theatre actors, exploring movement, dialogue and emotion.

Amba S K Jhala is a professional actor and theatre director. She graduated from the two-year classical acting course at LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) in 2009. After completing her graduation Amba continued to work in London for another three years as a professional actor. Since her return to India in 2012, Amba has been working actively as a performer and director based in Delhi. Her directorial credits include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (2006), The Little Prince (2007), Agamemnon (2012), The Infant (2014), and Futureproof (2017). Amba is Artistic Director and co-founder of the theatre company Guild of the Goat and directed their first play, Futureproof by Lynda Radley, in May 2017. As an actor she has worked in the mediums of television, film, theatre and as a voice over artist. She also works as an actor and facilitator with a speciality in drama based learning and interactive training. For close to a decade now, Amba has been working extensively, independently as well as with schools, running and designing bespoke theatre workshops for students of all ages.

Venues Dates Time
25-60 yrs