About the Artists at Arts Week in DPS Rajnagar

Bikram Ghosh is an actor and director, and a founding member of the Tadpole Repertory, one of Delhi's most famous theatre...

Arts Week at DPS Rajnagar

At Junoon, we believe that young people must regularly have access to artists and their arts practices, to seep in the spirit of the arts. Such exposure can be transformative and life-changing.

We have curated a week-long, immersive experience, the Arts at Play Week that combines exposure, learning and practice to open out the horizons of the mind for young people, while simultaneously building value for rigour, reflection, effort and determination. The students experience the power of teamwork and collaboration, and the joys of free creative expression. They learn how to transform working with what you have into magic and delight and that it is in their power to create an interesting life for themselves.

It is to this end that we are delighted to offer this magical experience to the primary and middle school students of Delhi Public School, Rajnagar.

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Programme Schedule


3rd December, 2018

Teachers Orientation with Programme Conductor, Bikram Ghosh


4th December, 2018

Theatre Adventures with Aagaaz Theatre's Raavan Aaya


5th December, 2018

Arts Encounter with Katkatha's Puppetry


6th December, 2018

Meet the Artist with Ajay Noronha, Cinematographer


8th December, 2018

Creative Showcase with students

Bikram Ghosh is an actor and director, and a founding member of the Tadpole Repertory, one of Delhi's most famous theatre groups. He is also a coordinator for Tadpole's Looking Glass Project, which runs theatre workshops for people of all ages- children as well as adults- focused on encouraging theatre and creativity as a vehicle for recreation and healthy living

Aagaaz Theatre Trust is an arts based organisation seeking to weave a more equitable urban fabric, where we can engage with each other respectfully, as equals. They do this by creating inclusive learning spaces that nurture curiosity and critical thought while creating safe spaces for dialogue. Engaging children and young adults across social and geographical boundaries, they relentlessly question "what is" to probe "what could and should be", so that we all may learn ways to act and perform beyond just the stage.

Katkatha is a travelling Puppet Theatre, which performs all over the country and world. The word "Katkatha" is an amalgam of two words "Kat" or wood and derived from the word "Katputli" or puppets and "Katha" meaning stories thus coming together to mean 'Puppets and Stories'. Katkatha focuses on presenting visual narratives with non-living material, figure or doll at the centre of it. At the heart of Katkatha remains one vision- to promote puppet theatre by exploring its various forms, pushing its boundaries and by popularizing it among audiences and bringing more people into this art form.

Ajay Noronha is a Mumbai-based cinematographer and documentary film maker. His passion for telling a story using images has taken him across the world in diverse contexts - television shows, documentaries, feature films, music videos, video art installations and workshops. Ajay teaches cinematography at the Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai besides conducting workshops at other film schools. He is currently exploring the role of expressive arts in conflict transformation with children and educators from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel.

  • As Director / Cinematographer: Bhailey (Outsiders), a film about tourism related child sex abuse, A Picture Of You, about a cinematographers search for his father.

  • As Cinematographer: Bombay Eunuch - Alexandra Shiva, Shiva Films, New York, USA, Salaam Shalom, The Jews of India - Vanessa Laufer, Toronto, Canada, Zero, The Indian concept of Shunya and Shunyata - Elida Shogt, PBS North America, Shimla - Kalka Hill Railways - Gerry Troyna, BBC, UK, Q2P - Paromita Vora, PUKAR Mumbai
Venues Dates Time
11-13 yrs