Vivek Monterio

Mumbai Local with Vivek Monteiro

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Dr. Vivek Monteiro is a member of executive committee of the All India People's Science Network, and worked on a number of science related issues which have become important on the national agenda. He works as principal advisor to Navnirmiti, a self reliant social enterprise working for universalization of quality education for all. Navnirmiti has a special focus on math and science education. Navnirmiti makes continuous innovations in educational tools, toys, puzzles, hardware, software. It works for implementing the quality mandate of the Right to Education Act and the NCF 2005, of quality education "for equality of outcomes". He obtained his B. Sc. in Physics and Maths from the University of Bombay after his college in Xaviers College, Bombay (1966-68) and Dhempe College, Goa (1964-66). He obtained his PhD from State University of New York in 1974 after his masters in physics from the California Institute of Technology (1968-70).

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