Arundhati Ghosh

After a decade in the corporate sector, Arundhati joined India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) - as its first fundraiser in 2000...

How the Arts provokes History

Gaps, Silences and Erasures: How the Arts provokes History

"Never again shall a single story be told as though it were the only one"

~ John Berger

History is complex. What it is, what it is not, who is it about, who makes it, who writes it, who decides what to eliminate - these are questions that complicate both history and the way it is studied. The arts enable us to enquire into our history and ask critical questions about the gaps, ruptures, erasures and silences within the trajectories of the past. They seek those stories that have been made invisible by dominant narratives. They have the possibility to disrupt hegemonies of caste, gender, religion, race and sexualities among others, by speaking truth to power.

We are delighted to invite Arundhati Ghosh - arts support explorer - to Mumbai Local. With examples from various research and practice projects, Arundhati, will illustrate not only some of the ways in which the arts investigates, unearths, explores and reimagines stories that are marginalised, ignored, censored or expunged from 'history', but also how it contributes to the making of history in the here and now.

We look forward to an evening that promises to be provocative, eye-opening and wonderfully engaging. An evening where we will also get a peek into the ways diverse artists mobilise the arts in different ways to ask their questions of the world.

Do join us on Friday. If you are unable to make it to the venue, we will have the session aired on Facebook live feed for you.

Curated by Sameera Iyengar

RSVP for this session begins on Monday, 14th January, 2019.

After a decade in the corporate sector, Arundhati joined India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) - as its first fundraiser in 2000 and assumed office as the Executive Director in 2013. She has received recognition from several quarters for her work in the non-profit and arts and culture sector. In 2010, she received the Global Fundraiser Award from Resource Alliance International, the same year IFA won the �India NGO of the Year� award in the medium category. She is a recipient of the fellowship under Chevening Clore Leadership Awards, in the UK in 2015-2016, and the Chevening Gurukul Scholarship for Leadership and Excellence at the London School of Economics, London in 2005. She is a fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar. She sits on Boards and Advisory Panels of the Beyond Sight Foundation, the Seagull Foundation for the Arts, and The Museum of Arts and Photography, Bangalore. She often speaks and writes on arts and philanthropy for leading Indian and international non-profit and cultural networks. Arundhati has an Economics degree from the Presidency College, Kolkata and a post-graduation in management from the Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad. She also has a degree in classical dance and is a published poet in Bangla.

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