Ratna Pathak Shah, Sheena Khalid & Puja Sarup

Ratna Pathak Shah is a theatre person, actress, and an educator. Ratna Pathak Shah studied at the National School of Drama, New...


Intergenerational conversations are not only important to the people engaged in them, they are also a wonderful way to see the world in dynamic motion. What happens when your past is juxtaposed with my present? What opens up when you see someone whose work you admire going through the same efforts you went through, but in an entirely different time and context?

What is catalysed when the distilled knowledge of experience engages with courageous budding creativity?We are absolutely delighted to bring to you, for the first time at Mumbai Local, an intergenerational conversation between theatre artists Ratna Pathak Shah, Puja Sarup and Sheena Khalid of Patchworks Ensemble, driven by their deep interest in each others' work. Ratna has loved the young Patchworks' efforts in theatre, especially Ila. She has questions for them, and anxieties as well. Puja and Sheena, in turn, are curious about Ratna's experience in theatre, especially when she was starting out like them. They all have questions. And comments. And will be quite candid in speaking them out.

We welcome you to an open, honest and freewheeling adda between these three wonderful artists. Come hear what they have to say about creative intent and process, about their disparate and overlapping experiences of building theatre companies, about their engagement with larger questions (creative, social, philosophical, ideological) that drive their ongoing theatre journey.

Do join us on Friday. Preferably at the venue, but if that is impossible, we will be airing the session live on our Facebook page for you.

This session is curated by Sameera Iyengar.

RSVP for this session begins on Monday, 11th February, 2019.

Ratna Pathak Shah is a theatre person, actress, and an educator. Ratna Pathak Shah studied at the National School of Drama, New Delhi. She has played leading parts in several plays in English, Hindustani and Gujarati like The Lesson, Silence! The Court is in Session, Don Juan in Hell, Jasma Odan, The Misunderstanding, Ismat Apa ke Naam, Dear Liar, Arms and the Man and Antigone. On Television, she has acted in long running serials like Idhar Udhar, Tara, Filmi Chakkar and Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. Her film work includes Heat and Dust, Mandi, Mirch Masala ,Perfect Murder, What If...., Jane tu ya jane na and Golmal 3. She is a founder-member of Motley, a theatre company.

She has also directed plays for children and young people in schools and community centers. She has recently directed A Walk In the Woods, a play on the Indo-Pak relationship.

As part of the Core Team of the Avehi-Abacus Project, she has been involved in producing Sangati a series of 6 Teaching - Learning Kits for children in schools and Non-Formal Education centers, as well as Manthan, a 2-year programme for teacher trainees and Saath Saath, a kit on gender for schools.

Puja Sarup is the co- founder of Patchworks Ensemble. At Patchworks Ensemble she has co- directed the award winning show Ila, as well as the critically acclaimed drag king show Gentlemen's Club AKA Tape. Most recently she has also devised and co-directed their latest production - Fly by Night. She has been active in theatre since 2003. Her stage credits include Hamlet - The Clown Prince (for which she won the META award), S*x, M*rality & Cens*rship, All About My Mother, Grey Elephants in Denmark, Ila, The Gentlemen's Club AKA Tape and Fly by Night. She has been associated with the French theatre companies Footsbarn and Buchinger's Boots. She was awarded the 2010 Vinod Doshi Fellowship, and the J N Tata Scholarship in 2011 that funded a 3-year movement theatre course (based on the Lecoq pedagogy) in Helikos in Florence, Italy. She is currently working in Mira Nair's musical Monsoon Wedding.

Sheena Khalid is a theatre director, writer and actor based in Mumbai. She is a founding member of the theatre company - Patchworks Ensemble. She has trained in Physical Theatre at the London International School of Performing Arts. She is one of the five fellows for the Tendulkar-Dubey Fellowship for young theatre artist of outstanding talent. In the summer of 2017, she attended the Lincoln Centre Directors Lab 2017 in New York (fully funded thanks to the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Arts).On a personal note, Sheena Khalid continues to deepen her exploration into performances and stories about and by women. She strives to create content that is relevant, engaging and humorous.

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