Suresh Chandvankar

Dr. Suresh Chandvankar (B.1952 in Pune) is a retired physicist. He worked in the area of semiconductor materials & devices...

Gaate Rahe Mera Dil

Every performing artist will tell you that the audience is critical to their art. You need the rasika for the rasa to bloom – the audience as much as the performers make the experience.


One such community of rasikas is the gramophone record collectors. A unique set of people who absolutely love LPs, and know that each record has attached to it a story, a little piece of history, a cultural moment. The discovery of a record becomes a rediscovery of music, of an artist perhaps lost to popular memory. One more window opens into our musical legacy.


We are delighted to invite Suresh Chandvankar, a physicist who describes himself as a deewana records wala, to Mumbai Local. While his physics had him working with materials for laser diodes used for reading CDs, his lifelong fascination with records had him sourcing and collecting records from pre-scientist days – a passion which continues till date. At this Mumbai Local, he will share with us the beginnings of his passion and how he has evolved as a collector especially through his interaction with the Australian collector Michael Kinnear. He will also introduce us to other Indian collectors and their particular obsessions, as well as his work in bringing them together on a common platform. And finally, he will present records to us in a way that we have perhaps never seen or imagined them before.


Come join us on Saturday for a trip down musical and technological memory. For those nostalgic for eras of music – this session is up your alley. For those wondering what people are nostalgic about – this is your chance to understand. And enjoy! :-)


Live attendance is best, but if you or your friends can’t make it, you can join us on live feed on our Facebook page.


Curated by Arnab Bhattacharya
RSVP for this session begins on Monday 1st July, 2019

Dr. Suresh Chandvankar (B.1952 in Pune) is a retired physicist. He worked in the area of semiconductor materials & devices at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai, India) for 36 years from 1976-2012. He is a founder member and Hon. Secretary of 'Society of Indian Record Collectors', a Mumbai based organization formed in 1990. Society works in preserving old gramophone records in all formats and brings together the audio collectors for social communication. Guided listening sessions are held regularly at many places in Mumbai and other cities. He is editor of the magazine - 'The Record News' (1991-2012) and all the issues of magazine are available online. He attends national and international conferences, workshops and symposiums on collections and archiving. He has published over 100 articles on records and music in newspapers and magazines. He is also involved in the digitization projects of early sound recordings, especially from 78-rpm era.



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