Revati Laul

Revati Laul was born saying `No' and `Why' as much as she could. Over time this became such an obsession that she even got paid...

Understanding Hate

Please note, the time of the session has been changed to morning at 11:30 am due to the Cricket World Cup Finals.

“The most terrifying thing about a mob is not that we can’t understand how they operate, but that we can.”

~ Revati Laul


Most investigations into mass violence focus on victims. The perpetrators of violence tend to be seen as part of a mob, not as individuals driven by particular trajectories, as much social as personal. Revati Laul believes it is imperative to enquire into the nature of violence and talk to perpetrators if we are to have any hope of transformation or change. “What sends people in the direction of violence?” she asks. “What is violence? We always ‘other’ it – how do the dots join back to us?” In the last decade, Revati has made it her business to speak to perpetrators, individuals in the mob who carry out the violence, who become carriers of hate. The stories she comes upon break the faceless mob; make the perpetrators real and relatable, and offer us the possibility of understanding differently, diversely and perhaps more powerfully.


We are delighted to invite Revati Laul – journalist, filmmaker, and compulsive contrarian – to Mumbai Local. Revati will speak to us about her research experience for her recently published book The Anatomy of Hate, the stories she came upon, the stories that make up the book, and what she sees as a possible way forward, away from the culture of hate. We will be talking access and power, the predicament of those who have waded into violence, and our relationship/complicity to the situation. She will lead us through understanding why certain reactions emerge collectively, and what hope for change we can have.


We look forward to seeing you on Sunday for this critical conversation on the climate of our times. And while live attendance is best, but if you or your friends can’t make it, you can join us on live feed on our Facebook page.


Curated by Sanjna Kapoor
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Revati Laul was born saying `No' and `Why' as much as she could. Over time this became such an obsession that she even got paid for it. However it wasn't such a cool story. Truth told, she wanted to make documentaries and there didn't seem to be a place to start, so she became a television journalist. She told herself she would quit soon to make documentaries but that took a decade. By then she was too much of a hard-boiled journalist to try anything else. She switched to print and switched between making a few PR films for NGOs and corporates which allowed her to use the lofty tag of journalist and film-maker. Basically what she had tried and tested most is telling long stories on any medium she could find. She eventually wrote a book that was published in December 2018 by Westland, called, The Anatomy of Hate. It tells for the first time ever that someone told the story of the perpetrators of the genocidal mobs that killed Muslims in Gujarat in the year 2002. Editors subsequently called her a `Sangh watcher' or someone who watches the movement of the Hindu right wing in India, loosely called `The Sangh.' She has just completed a tour across six states - from the North East to the North to the South, to write about the Sangh and how they operate in an election.These series of stories were published in The Hindustan Times and the website IndiaSpend. She tweets @revatilaul. And it's true, what her twitter handle says about her - she chronicles politics by day, but also food, film, fiction and fornication.

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