Falguni Desai

Falguni is a practicing Solicitor and partner of Desai Desai Carrimjee & Mulla. She is deeply interested in the Bhakti and Sufi traditions...

Seeking Common Ground: The Kabir Festival Story

While many arts festivals dot the cultural calendar of Mumbai, each with their own special offering and experience, the Kabir Festival is particularly intriguing on a number of counts. It is driven by the idea of seeking common ground, initially through the nirgun poetry of Kabir and other poets, and now expanded to include to include sagun poets and performers as well. When asked about this shift, Falguni Desai says, "We also wanted to explore what you mean when you say Ram. Not Ram who is Dasharath’s son, but Ram who resides in people’s hearts."

After the first year of sponsorship by the Mahindras, the festival has become volunteer-run and community-funded, spreading out to spaces across the city and staying consciously free so that anyone can attend. How easy is it to do a free festival in the most expensive city in the country? How do the festival organisers create and sustain the journey of collective ownership with artists and a larger community? What is the driving philosophy that makes all of this possible?

We are delighted to invite Falguni Desai - Kabir Festival organiser, lawyer, and self-professed seeker - to Mumbai Local. She will share her journey with the Kabir festival, from the days she first attended it and Prahlad Singh Tipaniya’s performance cut through to her heart, to today, when she is a key driving force behind the festival. We've asked her to share the big ideas and philosophies that define and determine the festival - it's curating, design, structure and spirit - as well as the little sensibilities and actions that sustain and build it.

Do join us on Friday to get a glimpse into the world of this extraordinary people-owned festival. We’ll be seeing videos of performances, hearing stories, exploring ideas and enjoying the vast sense of possibility unleashed by this festival.

Curated by Bishakha Datta
RSVP for this session begins on Monday 15 July, 2019.

Falguni is a practicing Solicitor and partner of Desai Desai Carrimjee & Mulla. She is deeply interested in the Bhakti and Sufi traditions and has been anchoring the Kabir Festival Mumbai, a volunteer run, community funded festival celebrating the mystics, for the past several years.

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