Ravi Ramaswamy

Ravi Ramaswamy is a trustee at the Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (CCDC) and has been a practitioner...

Teachers Workshop at Delhi Public School Agra...

Junoon’s Teachers’ Workshops offer theatre and the arts as a powerful means to unleash the artistic
potential of each teacher. Each individual participant in the workshop is taken through a journey of
self-discovery, enabling him or her to tap into their own artistic self and bring that creativity into the
classroom space and into their engagement with children.


We are delighted to be bringing Junoon's Teachers' Workshops to the Class VI - VIII teachers of Delhi
Public School, Agra. The workshop will be conducted by Ravi Ramaswamy.

Ravi Ramaswamy is a trustee at the Centre for Community Dialogue and Change (CCDC) and has been a practitioner and trainer of Theatre of the Oppressed, a tool for individual and social transformation created by the Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal.  He received training in Theatre of the Oppressed in 2010, from Marc Weinblatt of the Mandala Center for Change. He has led workshops in over 40 educational institutions across India. Since 2014, Ravi has been facilitating workshops in Medical Humanities for faculty and students of medical colleges.  Ravi has offered courses in Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed to students of Development Communication and Psychology in undergraduate and post graduate colleges in Bangalore.  He is now engaged in a 3 year study on the impact of Theatre of the Oppressed on high school students.

In probably the first initiative of its kind in the country, the Department of Prisons, Government of Karnataka with the NGO Peacemakers, invited Ravi to lead a week long workshop for inmates of Bangalore Central Jail, focusing on their emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

With a Masters degree in Social Work and 10 years' experience of working in the development sector, Ravi brings to his theatre pedagogy a deep understanding of issues such as urban poverty, education, child and youth rights, gender and sexuality.  

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21-55 yrs