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Arts Encounter at DPS Pune

India has a long unbroken history of the arts, with each region of the country throwing up a phenomenal diversity of arts expressions and practices. So much of who we are is in our arts and culture.


Junoon's Arts Encounters bring performing arts from across India to your doorstep, so that students may experience and revel in the rich culture we have.


Each Arts Encounter is a performance-interaction opening the doors to a unique performance form. Students and teachers get to know the heartbeat of a form, its essential structures, its specific guidelines for creativity, and its space for improvisation and play. They are also introduced to the cultures, histories and geographies that the forms arise from. And finally, they are treated to powerful performances by the professional artists, so that they may experience the magic and attraction of each form.


We are delighted to be bringing Junoon’s Arts Encounters to the middle school students of Delhi Public School, Pune on the 13th & 14th of February 2020.



Details coming soon…

Details coming soon...

Venues Dates Time
Delhi Public School, Pune Thu 13 Feb to Fri 14 Feb 08:00 am to 02:00 pm Full
11-13 yrs