The Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust is a Delhi based puppet theatre company which began in 1998. Since then creating a rigorous...

Through The Looking Glass at NIAS, Bangalore

As part of our program Through The Looking Glass, we are delighted to be bringing Katkatha's Mahabharata to the students of NIAS, Bangalore, on Thursday 20 June, 2019.

Through The Looking Glass is a powerful engagement with the arts as an anchor for thinking about each other, our collective worlds and ourselves. These engagements will enable nuanced and complex conversations around issues that students will deal with in the world at large. In the process, they will be learning to appreciate multiple perspectives and approaches, practicing close listening, grasping the powerful role played by context, history and culture, and building a habit of thoughtful communication.

Synopsis of the Play : Mahabharata

"Human beings are born for peace; they like to grow up in peace. They like to raise their children in peace, and they like to say goodbye to this beautiful life in peace. Then why are we always preparing for war?"

This seems to be the central dilemma of the Mahabharata. It is in making peace and keeping the status quo that the each character of the Mahabharata begins to wage their personal wars which snowball into an apocalypse. Our Mahabharata explores the inner dilemma and back stories of 15 characters in the play. Each character in the Mahabharata is an archetype whose single minded and unquestioning loyalty to one belief leads to the inevitable conflict. Was there ever a moment when each of these human beings by making a choice, the choice of letting go, could have averted the war?

Cast & Credits :

Director : Anurupa Roy

Animation : Atul Sinha

Script : Anamika Mishra

Puppet Design and Construction : Mohammad Shameem

Performers : Vivek Kumar, Mohammad Shameem, Anurupa Roy, Avinash Kumar, Gunduraju

Choreography :  Avinash Kumar

Assistance : Asha

Light Design : Milind Srivastava

Stage Design and Puppets : Pawan Waghmare, Anurupa Roy & S.Chidambara Rao

Shadow Puppets and Script Advice : Gunduraju

Shadow Puppets Construction : S. Chidambara Rao

Original Music Score : Suchet Malhotra

The Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust is a Delhi based puppet theatre company which began in 1998. Since then creating a rigorous training system for puppeteers has been a key focus for the group. In absence of a puppet school or courses to train professional puppeteers in India, Katkatha conducts intensive short courses and workshops in puppet techniques, supports interns who learn by following the work of the company. The focus is to train the next generation of professional puppeteers, create a discourse around puppetry and also build a network of puppeteers.

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