Bina Sarkar & Yuki Ellias

Yuki Ellias is an actor, director and corporate coach. She trained at the Jacques Lecoq School of Theatre in Paris and is a...

Asking for Adventure: The Story of Gallerie

In 1997, almost out of the blue, Bina Sarkar launched Gallerie magazine in response to a compulsion she had - to seed all her interests in one space, across the visual and performing arts, poetry, essays, photography, cinema, people and cultures from diverse regions stitched together in a journal that was at once aesthetic and eclectic; offering above all, a holistic understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity across India and the globe. She believes culture humanises. "I love adventure," Bina confesses, "I travel alone to regions as pertinent as Kashmir, Afghanistan and Palestine, as alluring as Kyrgystan, Tajikstan, or Poland and Japan amongst many exciting regions.  Travelling alone conjures a unique experience.” And alone is pretty much the way she has conceived, edited,  designed and created the artworks besides publishing Gallerie magazine over more than two decades, from her home in Mumbai. Today, it is one of the most internationally celebrated arts magazines.

Every issue of Gallerie has delightful stories of adventure, discovery and a sharing of learning. Yet, the reality tends to be that while a parent is busy brewing magic, to her child she is just a parent who tends to disappear for long hours into her room; a cave woman of sorts! And the parent is so busy parenting, she forgets to share that seemingly hidden part of her. Such has been the case with Bina’s daughter Yuki Ellias, a wonderfully creative and vibrant theatre-maker in her own right, who had little idea of the adventures her mother was experiencing on her travels with Gallerie.

And so, we are delighted to invite editor-designer-publisher Bina Sarkar to be in conversation with theatre-maker and daughter Yuki Ellias, to journey us through some of the remarkable stories that lie within the pages of Gallerie. We will discover with Yuki what on earth her mother has been up to while Yuki thought she was just being a mother. And we will get front row seats to Bina’s forays into the world, driven not only by her desire to know, and her love for the arts – all the arts – but also by her simple belief in the power of curiosity.

Curated by Ramu Ramanathan
RSVP for this session opens on Monday 28th October, 2019.

Yuki Ellias is an actor, director and corporate coach. She trained at the Jacques Lecoq School of Theatre in Paris and is a trained pedagogue from the London International School of Performing Arts. As an actress, she has performed in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Italy and India. Her theatre company Dur Se Brothers has produced four shows including the multi-award winning play Elephant in the Room and Hello Farmaaish. She endeavours to make theatre for diverse spaces and diverse audiences. As a corporate coach she uses theatre art techniques for high impact communication initiatives in various organisations across the country. She recently gave a Ted Talk with her father on the Fine Art of Losing Money – about investing in creative projects and the value of it.

Bina Sarkar Ellias is poet, curator, and founder-editor-designer-publisher of International Gallerie, an award-winning global arts and ideas publication since 22 years. Gallerie encourages unity in diversity as interpreted through the arts. As a poet and short stories writer, she has been published in several anthologies and online sites. As a designer, she has designed multiple books for artists and photographers.

Her collection of poems Fuse (publ. Poetry Primero, Poetrywall Publ., 2015) has been taught at Towson University, Maryland, USA, besides being launched in a Chinese edition in Taiwan, 2017. Her poems have also been translated into Arabic, Urdu, French, Greek, German and is now being translated into Spanish. Her recent book of poems When Seeing Is Believing (Publ. Mapin & Sangita Kathiwada) was recently launched in New York. She will donate the entire proceeds from the sales of this book to the Missing Link Trust that educates & teaches skills to young girls rescued from trafficking.

As curator, her recent project was Migration, for the Pune Biennale 2017, involving photography, films, art and poetry. Her work in progress is a curatorial project of women artists for the Pen and Brush Gallery, New York, in 2020. She received a Fellowship from the Asia Leadership Fellow Program, 2007, Japan,  towards  the project, Unity in Diversity; the Times Group Yami Women Achievers’ award, 2008; and the FICCI/FLO 2013 award for excellence in her work.

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